DAvid Harris partial Discography

  1.     Jazz Composers’ Alliance

“Stories” CJR1244 (2013) producer, composer, trombone

“A Wallflower in the Amazon” Accurate 5059 (2010) trombone

“The Same Thing” CJR1205 (2008) trombone

“Celebration of Spirit” CIMP 298 (2003) producer, composer, trombone

“The Death of Simone Weil” Innova 582 (2002) trombone

My  Remix

Les Miz doing

Trad Indian tune

Album Producer

In, Thru, and Out




Eleanor Rigby

from”Downtown Does the Beatles”


Freylekhs - Cocek #5



Mode 7


Blues to the Freedom Fighter

Did You Hear of Boychick Pincus?

(narrated by Maurice Sendak)


Ska Mary


Speed Klez


A Wooden Hero’s March


  1.     Fred Ho and the Green Monster Big Band

  1.     Shirim Klezmer Orchestra

  1.     Naftule’s Dream

  1.     Frank London’s Klezmer Allstars

  1.     Margo Leveritt

“The Art of Klezmer Clarinet” Traditional Crossroads CD4296 (1999) trombone

  1.     Brass Planet

  1.     Les Misérables Brass Band

  1. Klezmer Conservatory Band

“A Touch of Klez!” Vanguard VSD 79455 (1985) trombone

“Klez!” Vanguard VSD 79449 (1984) trombone

“Prairie Home Companion Tourists” PHC 808 (1983) trombone

“Yiddishe Renaissance” Vanguard VCD 79450 (1981) trombone

“Sons of Safam”  Safam Records J40979 (1980) trombone

  1. Brandford Marsalis

“David & Goliath” Rabbit Ears (1992) trombone

     •    Jeff Warschauer Ensemble”

“The Singing Waltz” Omega OCD 3207 (1997)

“Shura Lipovsky-Moments of Jewish Life” Syncoop5753CD               

“Jeff Warschaurer Ensemble Live in Krakow”(1992)

•Chandler Travis Philharmonic

“Blows” 2010 Sonic Trout - #28802 trombone

“Tarnation and Alastair Sims (AKA Kitty) Sonic Trout - #28702  (2007) trombone

“Lama Rhymes” Sonic Trout - #28623 2002(trombone)

“Another Christmas Gift for You” Sonic Trout - #28624 (2002) trombone

•Jim Guttman

“Bessarabian Breakdown”  Kleztone Records (2010)  trombone

•Ann Rabson

“In a Family Way” Emit Doog Music - #8 (2008) trombone, organ

•Ben Rudnik and Friends

“Grace’s Bell” Bartlett Ave. - #002 (2007) trombone

•Erin McKeown

“Sing you sinnners” Nettwerk - #305642 (2006) trombone, horn arranger

•Laura Andel

“SomnambulisT” (2003) engineer, trombone

•Kim Delmhorst

“Strange Conversation” SIGNATURE - #1299 (2006) trombone, tuba

•Pacific Pops Orchestra

“Klezmer Goes Pops” (2003) trombone

“And the Angels Sing North Star Records NS0035 (1991) collaboration with the Boston  MFA

Joe Mulholland Sextet   “Speaking for Myself” Bridge Rec. (1990)

Didi Stewart Band “One True Heart” Northeastern (1988)

Pincus and The Pig” Tzadik TZ7195(2004)- trombone and arranger

Golden Dreydl: A Klezmer Nutcracker for Chanuka Ryknodisk” 10628 (2002)- trombone and arranger

“Mayse” Naftule’s Dream recordings 101(2002)- trombone and mixing

“Oy! It’s Good” Newport Classic NPD85653 (1999) trombone and arranging

“Klezmer Nutcracker” Newport Classic NPD85640 (1998) trombone and arranger

“Naftule’s Dream” Northeastern Records NR 5014 (1993) trombone and co-producer

“of Angels and Horseradish” Northeastern Records NR 5005 (1990) trombone

“Live In Florence” Innova 572 (2002) –trombone, composer, and mastering

“‘Job” Tzadik TZ7153 (2001)- trombone and composer

“Smash, Clap!” Tzadik 7125 (1998) trombone and composer

“Klezmer Festival 1998” Knitting Factory Records KFR238 (1998) trombone and composer

“The Jewish Alternative Movement” Knitting Factory Records 216 (1998) trombone

“Search for the Golden Dreydl” Tzadik 7118 (1997) trombone and  composer

“Klezmer Music A Marriage of Heaven & Earth” Ellipsis Arts 4090 (1997) trombone

“The Brotherhood of Brass” Piranha CD-PIR1683(2002) trombone

“Di Shikere Kapelye” Piranha CD-PIR1467 (2000) trombone

“The Rough Guide to Klezmer” RGNET1047 CD (3 bands) trombone

“Why Cant We?” BP777 (1998) trombone, composer, arranger, producer

“Mash It Up vol 4” DVS Media BS20242 (1997) trombone, arranger

“Kickin’ Some Brass”Shanachie 6028 (1998) trombone

“Freedom Sounds- A Tribute to the Skatalites”Shanachie 5727 (1997) trombone

“Mash It Up ‘93”dvs Media 2930-32007-2(1993) trombone

“Pinnochio” soundtrack RabbitEars/BMG 74041-70752-2(1993) trombone, composer

“Downtown Does the Beatles Live at the Knitting Factory” trombone, arranger

Knitting Factory Works KFWCD-113 (1992)

“Manic Traditions” Northeastern Records NR 5004 (1990) trombone, composer, arranger

“Mashin’ Up the Nation” Harvard Square Records SQR 74001-2  .(1988)

“Heimat Klange” Piranha Musik  pir 18 (1988)

“The Klezmatics Shvaygn=Toyt” Piranha Musik pir 20 (1988)

“Om-Pah, the Universal Language” Global Village Music C403 (1987)

“Year of the Tiger” (2011)Innova #789 tuba, bass trombone

“Celestial Green Monster” Mutable/Big Red Media #001 (2010) tuba, bass trombone

”In, Thru, and Out” Cadence CJR 1153 (2001) producer, composer, trombone

“Flux” Northeastern NR 5010 (1992) trombone

•    Dave Harris and Nu Quartet

“Slide of Hand” Contrabone Record 101 (2007) leader, producer, composer, trombone, el. piano

  1.     Debo Band

“Trek From Ethiopia Pt1” Trikont US-0452  Beyond Addis (2014) composer, arranger, mix engineer, mastering, producer

“Debo Band” SubPop SBL-72003 (2012) trombone

  1.     Revolutionary Snake Ensemble

“Live Snakes”  Accurate Records (2014) trombone, tuba

My Remix

Les Miz

Trad Bulgarian


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